Monday, 28 November 2016

A soundproofing experiment

We wanted to see which materials were best at muffling sound. First we had to make sure our test was fair by making sure everything stayed the same apart from the materials being tested. We realised we had to keep the same sound source and remain the same distance from it. We used the same number of layers every time we wrapped the sound source.


We found that the cardboard and the fabric muffled the sound best.

Creating sound and stopping it!

This week we have made string telephones.

We had great fun testing them out!

We found rhat sound travels along the string and the cans amplify the sound. If someone holds the string the vibration is blocked and the sound can't get through. If the string is slack it can't vibrate and again the phone won't work.

We also found the bigger the cans the better the sound!

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Autumn 2 Sounds Fun!

This half term our topic is all about sound. We began by travelling to different parts of the school and listening carefully. We tried to identify the sources of sound.
We thought of lots of questions that would help us to discover more about sound and how we hear,

How is sound made?
How does it travel?
Why is sound invisible?
Can you stop sound?
What different types of musical instruments are there?
How do instruments make music?

We will be using the internet and  information texts to find answers.

 The following video will tell you more about sound and how we hear it.
Click HERE

Then try the following quiz ......
Click HERE