Sunday, 29 November 2015

Our Trip to Monkey World

We have recently been learning about the tropical rain forests and how the animals that live there are being affected by on-going deforestation. We focussed particularly on the plight of the Oragutans and were lucky enough to be able to play our own small part in helping to save these wonderful animals by adopting one of the baby Oragutans at Monkey World.

Last week we took time out to visit the park with Year 6 and were able to learn about all of the animals there and even visit Reike, the baby that we have adopted. She was absolutely gorgeous and full of funny faces and somersaults to entertain us!

The children behaved beautifully throughout the day and learnt lots from the part keepers about the variety of monkeys and apes that are there; and where they came from; and how they were rescued.

We now have our own cute representation of Reike that we have brought back to the classroom and will be coming home with our 'star of the week' each weekend for cuddles and fun.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Welcome to Soul Base!

Visit this page again soon to find out about what Year 4 have been learning about and find links to help with learning.